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Welcome to Not Quite Love, a Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon role-playing community that is very senshi/shitennou based.

We have a catch, though. The roles of the two are switched. This means that one by one, the shitennou are awakened and they search for a Prince -- while in the meantime, Beryl has brainwashed the senshi and is using them to try to revive Queen Metallia, and Sailor Moon swoops in to save Tuxedo Mask whenever he's in danger. Interested yet? It gets better. Helios plays the role of Luna, awakening Mamoru as Tuxedo Mask when he finally finds them, and helps to find and guide the shitennou as well.

Don't worry if you're confused, just jump in and have fun! ^_^

1) Be nice and take nothing going on in character personally. You're here to have fun!
2) Make sure you post regularly. If your character isn't involved in the current plot, that's no excuse -- get them involved! If you disappear, we won't hesitate to give your C to someone else.
3) You need to have a character journal. I really don't care if you post anything in them, but you'll need them to post inside the community.
4) You're allowed to have certain liberties with the characters, but don't trail too far off. This roleplay is heavily focused on the characters, so keep their personalities in mind!
5) notquitelove is based on manga BSSM, with some aspects of PGSM incorporated, and few aspects of the anime. You should at least have read a bit of the manga, or have read up on it extensively. See the resources section for more!
6) I don't think I need to say this to you guys, but respect the moderators. shaded_charisma is the moderator, and her word is final!




Earth Side:

Chiba Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen/Endymion - reticent_memory

Neshinou Jun/Jadeite - frozen_guardian

Matsumoto Kigenou/Nephrite - AVAILABLE (or jaded_fang if nobody else claims him soon)

Damepeu Endou/Zoisite - AVAILABLE (Temporarily played by suninshadow)

Ginnou Akira/Kunzite/Tennou K - AVAILABLE

Saijou "Ace" Atsushi/Danburite/Adonis/Kaitou Ace - kaitou_adonis


Moon Side:

Usagi/Sailormoon/Masked Sailormoon - tsugomori_usa

Dark Side:

Darkury/Mizuno Ami - yami_mizuno

Dars - abraxas_blaze

Dark Jupiter - AVAILABLE (Temporarily played by blackrose_kino)

Dark Venus - shaded_charisma

Luna/Runa - girlhasclaws

We're open to the suggestion of other canon characters getting slipped in here somehow. Go ahead and land a comment at my journal, shaded_charisma, or IM me at Phoenyx Raine, to talk about it. ^_^

To Apply:

Send an e-mail to tenjouutenakun@aol.com and be prepared to prove to me that you know your stuff. You should be well-versed or at least knowledgable in the personality of your character in the manga, but if you've seen PGSM, that's pretty close too.

Original Creator: justsomechick

Peppermint Storm - fantastic page on the manga Shitennou, a must read if you are a player in this community!