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not quite love

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Oh Shit Now What? [15 Dec 2006|02:04pm]
[ mood | blank ]

I'm here because you hadn't shown up to give me my morning beating. Now that might be strange to you that I wanted them, but I've had to deal with some crap the last few days and well I just want a little normacly in my life. That happens to be you picking on me and well the rest of my week will go to hell if that stops.

Jun's thoughts sounded more sacrastic in his head, but he wasn't going about to say them. He actually wanted to continue having both his legs by the end of the day. He was a deer caught in headlights and was trying to remember the real reason he come to see Matsumoto Kigenou.

"We go to the same school so I'm allowed to be here. Plus I was on my way to the bathroom," he lied. He just hoped the big dummy saw through his lie.


[27 Sep 2006|10:41am]

Mercury's eyes glinted. The stacks of books that stretched up to the ceiling called to her. This was going to be fun.

She had come out from their meeting with Beryl aggravated. Her plan to gather energy was going to be glorious, but she was forced to abandon it because of time restraints. The dark water in her veins boiled as she brooded in her room of stone. She needed another plan, and one that was sure to gather energy quickly this time. The purple pulsing of the walls was troublesome, it gave her a headache and seemed to mock her for not being able to please Her queen.

"If you don't stop you'll be sorry." She cooed to the walls. They continued their pulsing, fully ignoring her warning. The nearest book was ripped from its shelf and hurled at the rocks. They laughed at her. Insolent fools! She got up, her boots making a tinny clicking as she walked over to the wall. She smiled and her finger nails clawed into the purple rock. It screamed. Her delighted giggle echoed in her room. "I said you would be sorry"

Mercury stared down at the floor at the book lying open and that was when the idea hit her.

Now, she stood in the school library staring up gleefully at the stacks. As she strolled through the isles, her hand glided over the bindings, setting the books aglow with dark purple light before it seeped into the pages. Her next stop was the classrooms. Using the text books the students had to read would be a sure way to sap their energy as they studiously did their work. HA! Useless, they could never surpass her as number one

She adjusted her glasses and smirked. The school's pleated skirt sitting demurely on her hips, she went about to the classrooms before homeroom started.

[22 Sep 2006|10:48am]

Beryl's head tilted slowly, regally, like a lion contemplating his subject. Mercury had shown the proper amount of respect, despite her tardiness, and thus she would be granted the second chance she sought.

"Very well. But I will not allow another failure, Mercury," Beryl looked down her nose at her senshi.

"All of you," she gave Jupiter and Mercury both poignant looks, "Go, and this time, bring me much more energy!"

"Venus, I expect great things from you," Beryl nodded approvingly in her direction.

There was nothing but a glare full of malicious disdain for Mars.

"There will be no more disobedience or failure!" Beryl commanded, "Now go!"

[21 Sep 2006|06:34am]

Yesterday sucked. It sucked so hardcore he figured he'd just forget about it. But all he kept thinking about was that stupid witch and the burning end of the cigarette protruding from her mouth. Augh! She better not tell anyone about that. He was all set to just avoid her, but if she was spreading false rumors about him around the middle school--


His pencil snapped in half. The students on either side of him shifted their chairs as far away as they could.

He'd just have to go over there and show that little girl why they called him the Jaded Fang. He shoved his hand into his bag to pull out his notebook and plan out her ultimate demise, but as soon as he sat straight up, he noticed a familiar face peeking through the open door.

Neshinou? Why was he here? Homeroom was about to start. Wasn't he some kind of goody-two-shoes schoolboy? He was probably doing homework all night. And you know what? That made that entire incident partially his fault. That's right, it was his fault for not sticking around school and giving him someone to mess with. He twitched slightly.

Matsumoto glanced around at his classmates. Everyone seemed to be making it a point not to look at him. Good.

Ever so carelessly (in his mind anyway), he got up and left the classroom. He grabbed the younger boy by the arm and pulled him aside. Unfortunately, it took another few minutes before he could figure out what to say. He couldn't make it out like he actually missed him, or anything stupid like that. He couldn't tell him to go back to class or nothing, that'd make it seem like he cared if he got in trouble. Um, uh...

"The hell are you doing here?" he demanded instead.

~Jun~ [18 Sep 2006|03:33pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Jun walked around a corner and saw the open door to his homeroom between the crowds of students. Gripped by his usual morning paranoia, he looked in every direction in the hallway. He double checked the way he had come to make sure he wasn't being delibrately being followed.

Trying to appear normal, he casually made his way to the classroom holding the strap of his bookbag tight. Only a few more steps and he would be safe among his classmates. A shiver ran down his spine as he anticipated an attack that never came.

As Jun placed his books on the desk and sat down a deep frown appeared on his face. He looked around and saw Mamoru hadn't arrived yet. His attention went back to the door... and he slowly became angry. Nothing had gone right for Jun since meeting Akira and gaining the watch. The one thing that always happened was him getting picked on by Matsumoto Kigenou. Not today though, Jun had made it to homeroom safely without being bothered. A look at his watch told him he had enough time to hunt down Kigenou before the bell rang.

He walked out the door and down the hallway to the classrooms for the older students. The shiver returned for he was purposely leaving the safety of his classroom to find the "Jaded Fang." Jun really was the poor boy's only friend, so it was natural for him to see if the hoodlum was okay. At least that was what Jun kept telling himself.


[09 Aug 2006|12:21pm]

Her eyes stayed steady, looking towards the ground, but a spark inside her ignited as she was chastised in front of the others.

"My queen, forgive my impudent behavior. My plan was hurried in order to meet the deadline." Dark eyes glared in Venus' direction. "Give me more time and I WILL bring you more energy than all of these.." she paused, an eerie smirk lit up her face. "Energy a queen can be proud of."

Her head was still bowed to her queen, but her eyes were brimming with excitement. If she could put her plan into motion, Beryl would favor her above the others. It just made more sense to have the smartest senshi lead didn't it? Of course it did Mercury.

[09 Aug 2006|10:40am]

Beryl accepted the black rose from her lightning soldier with a smile and a nod. The ice soldier quietly slipped into the room, and finally, much later, the fire senshi arrived.

Once Mars arrived, Queen Beryl surveyed all of her servants. As she provided the perfect opportunity to release her anger, she zeroed in on the late arrival.

"Mars, I will not tolerate this disrespect!" she practically twitched with irritation.

She slowly raised a shaking hand.

Venus stepped in between.

"Beryl-sama, I had Mars investigating Tennou K's sidekick further. She's been working with me on this mission," she explained calmly.

Beryl tilted her head to the side. Her nose flared.

"Very well. But if you are ever late again--!"

Venus bowed her head. She glanced at Mars from the corner of her eye.

Beryl turned her attention from the problem child to her energy-gathering slaves.

"Jupiter," she rubbed the petals of the black rose between her fingertips, "I've been noticing quite a lot of energy coming in from you. Very good. But we will need much more. Keep it up."

Quickly she moved on, "Mercury... the amount of energy I've recieved from you is insulting. What do you have to say for yourself?"

Mars, in [09 Aug 2006|10:26am]

She had been wasting far too much time with this boy, and it was getting dark. Rei stood in a sudden movement, and cast a glance down the angle of her shoulder at the upstart kid sitting next to her. Her eyes followed his red face, his rigid body…and dismissed them utterly. She tucked her lighter into her sock and started off at a reasonable pace, tuning out the angry cussing behind her. She would have to find somewhere quiet and deserted, and found just that in an alley just down the street. A quick look around showed her the support beam of a building that would do just fine. Ducking behind that, Rei closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the beam with a sigh. When Mars opened them again, she was in a dark tunnel that was all-too familiar to her, wearing clothes that she hated. Her dark scarlet skirt, her black bow. It made her shiver every time.

Her lighter was gone, still tucked into her sock in her dimensional closet. Her bare ankles in their stiletto heels almost hurt, but there was little to be done. She was being summoned, no time for problems. She began to walk.

The chamber felt crowded, but only because the other girls were there before her. Mars was late; there would be consequences. She tried not to growl. In one swift movement, she was down on her knee, fist pressed to her heart in a gesture of loyalty. She could almost feel the contempt wafting around her, especially from Venus beside her.

“Here, Queen Beryl,” she said shortly, with as much humble feeling as she could muster. She might as well get comfortable - she was about to be crucified, she knew.

[23 Jul 2006|02:02am]

The waitress seemed to forget what she was gossiping about while serving them and within seconds was chattering on about who she'd seen holding hands with the girl from the candy shop down the street. Even food poisoning would be a better topic.

He looked down at his mug. Maybe not.

Noticing the lengthy silence from the younger boy, Endou looked to see him lost in thought. Aww. He looked sorta adorable. Probably not an adjective he'd appreciate. ^_^; He busied himself pushing the marshmallows in his new hot chocolate below the surface with a stirring stick, watching them pop back up, until Saijou returned to the present.

"Uh. So. What school do you go to?"

"Ah, Azabu High. Second year and in the linguistics program." He was pretty proud of that. It was a really good school and not many students survived even the first year of linguistics. "How about you?"

[22 Jul 2006|10:04pm]


The waitress wandered back over. Slowly. Becasue she could, and because she'd rather get back to her juicy, mindless gossip. She gave them the new drinks (to Damepeau too, although he didn't ask) firmly enough to almost spill onto the counter - but with a practiced slam that prevented that just slightly - and moved on before he could mutter a thank you. Not that she would have acknowledged it.

And why hadn't the thief been caught, yet? They were always gone by the time the police showed up. Was that the police doing badly (no, never!), or that maybe there was something else going on?

Well. With everything happening recently, wasn't the second option much more easy to believe than the first? And this boy sitting next to him, of course it was only a product of the late night, of the day's exertion, of the snowball of events that made him seem familiar, right?

Maybe there should be a test for these guys. Like those litmus papers to test pH. Or a multiple choice quiz followed by some gauntlet to test physical prowess. Or--

---how long had he just spaced out for? He didn't want to face the other, worried that there were eyes on him already, a fist about to knock lightly into his head with a voice to follow: "Anyone home?" Ah, but that was something Ginnou-san did, wasn't it? And this guy wasn't anything like him. Well, he didn't look anything like him, at least.

"Uh. So. What school do you go to?"

[23 Jul 2006|12:17am]

Endou's eyes followed the flashing lights as the police car passed. Maybe the rising Juuban crime rate was because the police were so damned useless, he thought with a spark of anger. Wonder how many crimes got glossed over because they were too hard to solve, like Saturday's.

A noise from his companion returned him to the present. He automatically took a napkin from the dispenser on the table and passed it to the boy. "You, um, have a little, uh," he motioned to the spill. Probably wouldn't stain at least.

"Well, at this rate the jewelry thieves will have hit every store in Juuban and just move on," he said, trying to make light of it. Not much could be done about the food poisoning incidents though... or the "food poisoning" incidents.

[22 Jul 2006|08:40pm]

"Oh? OH. Oh, it's fine. Don't worry!" He turned back to the older boy, smiling brightly. "It's late, yanno? Don't ever worry on my account."

Outside, a police car zoomed by, sirens wailing. Calling attention to itself and warning whatever criminal may be about.

"Another jewlery store?" the waitress asked her companion.
"These days? Probably. When did the Juuban district become such a crime-hole?" He shook his head.

Jewelery store? Why did that...

"Yeah. Did you hear about that restaurant earlier?" The quizzical look from the other blatantly said 'no.' Ace made a small noise in the back of his throat and too-quickly chugged his drink, spilling a little on his shirt.

"They say there was something in the food. The whole place is being shut down until they check every nook and cranny. That's why old Kawashima's getting on our case too. They say--"

"Ah, excuse me!" Ace interrupted. "I.. may I have a refill, please?" The waitress gave him a cold look and rolled her eyes before going over to the machine and filling up new mugs.

[22 Jul 2006|11:40pm]

"Sorry," he said, recognizing the awkwardness - maybe even rudeness - of the question. "It's been a few days since I slept for more than an hour so just ignore me if I say anything too personal." Mother always said he got that from his father's side.

[19 Jul 2006|04:13pm]

Foreigner? Not completely. At least that explains the hair. Sure. Right.

"Mm--" he started: a thoughtful noise, "I guess you could say that." Or angels... Ace's eyes were distant, and he smiled a boyish, close-lipped smile.

Soon enough he realized himself, how silly he felt, even just thinking of her, and forced a more friendly smile. "Ah! Um. Well. It's. Uh," he stated, looking for a coherant answer in his drink.

[19 Jul 2006|03:09pm]

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming." Makoto shook her head to get that buzzing, that leftover aftertaste of ESP out of her skull. It was annoying at best, excrutiating at worst.

Clip, clip. Trim those thorns leaves, those thorns were much too hidden.

Hmm. This would have to do, for now. That inward thrum wasn't going away. Soon enough, if she dallied...

Clip! One less rose in the garden, one more empty stalk. A petty gift, but a tradition. And with a whirl of fallen leaves and petals, she faded, and in similar theatrics reappeared in the much darker place, overalls and bare hands replaced by skirts gloves. Instead of falling to the ground, the leaves and petals faded like a whisper.

She bowed, her right hand, holding that rose, curled into a fist over her heart. "My Queen." Displaying a grace usually absent, she extended a long-fingered hand toward the woman in purple, offering the rose. A tradition. A ceremony repeated at every meeting. An oath.
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[14 Jul 2006|10:21am]

Red nails clacked against crystal. Queen Beryl was bent over her window to the former kingdom of Endymion, glaring at the empty room. She had ever so patiently awaited the arrival of her servants, which amounted to nearly an entire ten minutes. She turned her head slowly to see only one had responded to her summons. Sailor Venus, the leader.

An obvious tremor of irritation in her voice, she spoke, "Venus, why are you the only one I see? I called all of the senshi here. All of them."

"Yes, Queen Beryl, I'm certain they will be here at any moment," Venus responded.

Beryl did not look pleased with this answer.

Not that it really mattered to Venus. The longer the others took, the more of Beryl's favor would inevitably fall in her own lap. But they were, unfortunately, her responsibility as well.

Tapping the signal on her transformation watch lightly, Venus transmitted an urgent message to Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Mars. If they did not show up soon, she wasn't so sure she'd need to worry about them any longer. Beryl was not a forgiving queen. Yet, they could still be useful pawns in her own plans, and insofar as they were useful, she'd attempt to keep them from banishment to the depths from which she'd fished the broken shell of Mars.

"In the meantime, Queen Beryl, I'd like to report that my plans are going well. I have identified Tennou K's sidekick."

The dark queen's face lit up with approval, a hint of a hopeful smile on her dark red lips.

"Ohhh? Go on."

Venus's own smile was thin and cold.

"A boy in our class, actually. Saijou Atsushi. I set him up and he fell for it."

"And what are you going to do with him?" Beryl asked, rising to a fuller height.

"I'm going to use him to find out the identity of Tennou K. Then we will have no one standing in the way of our mission."

"Excellent, Venus, excellent!" Beryl cried, "You are my most precious senshi."

Perfect, as always. Venus thought.

[13 Jul 2006|05:15pm]

[ mood | frisky ]

Working with that much catnip was difficult without losing her focus, but Luna managed to control herself. The circle of power stretched the entire length of the soccer field. As her classmates began arriving for school, she watched with some amazement as they failed to even notice that delightful telltale scent.

The soccer team behaved just as predicted. In the wake of a big victory, they practiced harder than ever whenever they could to keep up the momentum. From the school roof she counted the boys walking onto the field, crossing the border of her circle. Seven, eight, nine... Oh good enough! Catnip made her impatient.

She tapped into the bounty of energy collected last night and opened a portal in the far goal. "I invoke thy favor! Bakene, come!" she shouted. The circle of power would contain both the cat youma and the soccer idiots. She smiled as screams filled the air.


~Jun~ [13 Jul 2006|02:03pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Jun stepped from the bathroom as he quickly dried his hair with a towel. A quick look at the clock told him he still had ten minutes to eat a rushed breakfast before going to school.

He ran down the stairs and grabbed his book bag from a chair. Hurriedly he stuffed it with his books and notepads into it. Wishing he had more hands, but he managed to grab some toast from his mother and stuffed it into his mouth. Placing a quick kiss on her cheek before he flung himself out the door so he wouldn’t arrive late at school.

Jun checked his watch and stopped to look at the complicated device on his wrist. He sighed as it brought back the recent events of the past few days. In the pit of his stomach he got a deep sense that time was against them. Looking up from the watch, he looked toward the sky. He wanted to read more of Akira’s notes and to study more for clues. As he approached the school he gazed upon his classmates, actually he had to look up to most of them, but he considered how normal their lives are to his. In the past months he had started to feel a sense of disattachment from his peers. Now he was part of something he couldn’t understand, but it was slowly filling the void.

He walked the halls of his school heading to his classroom and thankful he hadn’t run into a certain somebody this morning. He prayed that he may avoid seeing that certain person all day.

OOCCollapse )

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Previously on Not Quite Love... [11 Jul 2006|01:40am]

[ mood | mew ]

It's been almost a year since this lovely recap by Ellome and just about nothing has happened since then. But it's been forever and some cast changes have been made, so if anyone wants to fudge their character's past that's probably okay. (And if someone does pick up Zoi, I certainly wouldn't blame them for wanting to do a lot of reworking ;p)

I'm eager to resume destruction play. =^_^=


[01 Jul 2006|09:41am]

Okay everyone! I really liked this RPG, and it seems to have died, so I'm going to try to revive/revamp it.

I'll keep Dark Venus & Matsu-kun (Neph). Everyone else, please drop me a comment if you'd like to maintain your characters, and then we'll go looking for the other players.

I hope to see a few of you there!

Also, does anyone have contact with K, so that I might get maintainer control over the community? Or are you reading this? I'd like to be able to update the userinfo as we get new players.

Thanks all!
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